Turf Project Updates

As many in our Sycamore Creek Elementary family are aware we have been raising money for the past few years in order to install turf on the back field. This will make the field safer and more useable throughout the year. As many of you have contributed to this project, and we understand how frustrating it is to not see it in place yet, we wanted to keep you updated on the process and where the project currently stands. We want to assure you that we are doing everything we possibly can to make this happen and we will update this page with new information as it comes in.

For past reference, the turf project has been delayed numerous times for the following reasons:

  • Vendors no longer carrying the turf we originally picked out

  • Turf prices changing

  • Needing to choose a different turf due to concerns regarding manufacturing/ingredients

  • Changing regulations from Wake County and the City of Raleigh regarding where and how turf can be placed.

Current Updates

June 5, 2020 - After much talking through runoff needs, the City of Raleigh has finally asked that the firm go ahead and formally submit the plan and calculations through the city's Site Plan Review Process. We now wait to see what the City of Raleigh comes back with.

May 19, 2020 - The infiltration testing results were very low, meaning that water does not permeate into the ground very well in the area. This means that the stone section underneath the turf itself will need to store extra water until it is able to be absorbed by the ground. We have been assured that this is a common practice with athletic turf applications. The firm is preparing calculations and plans to discuss with the City of Raleigh before submitting a formal plan.

January 15, 2020 - The firm as begun infiltration testing which should be finishing up by April. The firm is also waiting to hear back from the City of Raleigh on what they need for putting in the turf and what plans are expected in a formal application. This continues to involve planning for stormwater runoff which if left unmitigated would exceed our existing retention pond. Testing will determine how much storm water should be expected.

November 17, 2019 - After inspections and assessment of the location the firm has determined that the existing retention pond will not handle additional outflow from a non-permeable turf. They will now work on possible options that we might have regarding types of turf and underground retention of runoff and will be speaking with the City of Raleigh regarding what specific runoff percentage they will allow.

October 10, 2019 - The City of Raleigh has requested that we find an impervious surface at a specific level (.25) that our currently chosen turf does not meet (.7). The City will not allow us to proceed until we have brought an engineer on board to do a stormwater assessment of SCES drainage pond. We have contracted with an Engineering firm to help us assess the pond and create a plan that will be acceptable to the City of Raleigh.