Croc Mile

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Sycamore Creek Elementary School

Croc Mile 2022-2023 Fundraiser

Where Our Crocs Rock

We are excited to announce details for this years Croc Mile. As in years past, the Croc Mile will be organized and managed 100% by the PTA which allows 100% of the money raised (minus CC processing fees) to stay within Sycamore Creek. Parents ARE permitted to watch or run with their Crocs Run during their child’s designated run time. We are so excited for this years Croc Mile and hope you will be too!

All participating Crocs will run around our main entrance loop on their assigned Croc Mile Run Day. Top Students and the top class from EACH grade level will be rewarded for total donations earned. Students will also have a chance to earn raffle tickets for pledges collected. Classes will also have a chance for class rewards based on the overall pledge amounts collected for various pledge levels. CROCs that participate are encouraged to collect flat pledges (donations) to benefit the mission of the PTA. See details below on how to create your unique fundraising page along with details on how to choose your runner status!

How to Create Your Fundraising Page!

Pledges will be collected via SCES’s MemberHub website at

To register and create your own unique fundraising link please visit

Click on the Student Registration Button

Once there, click Sign Up, select your team(class) and enter your information. At the bottom of the registration page, you can create your own unique link to share with sponsors such as friends, family and supporters! Supporters can also text CROC2022 to 919-626-3277 to receive a link on how to donate to the Croc Mile!

NOTE: We suggest collecting FLAT PLEDGES, however, there is an option for sponsors to pledge per minute. If your sponsors pledge per minute, please make sure you go back and log your minutes after you have completed the CROC MILE. If minutes are not logged, they will default to 20 minutes at the conclusion of the race.

Collect pledges beginning September 5th- October 25th

Choose a Runner Status!



Casual Runners are defined as participants only. These participants may or may not collect pledges.

After setting up your Fundraising Page and sharing your unique link you are all set!


Cost= $30 per STUDENT*

*SUPER runners will receive ONE 2022 Croc Mile Race Shirt as well as TWO raffle tickets. Deadline for super runner registration is October 3rd. ETA for shirt delivery is the end of October.

To Claim your SUPER RUNNER status, visit

Select the SUPER RUNNER box and choose your shirt size. Then check-out! Claiming your SUPER runner status does NOT automatically set up your fundraising page, see details above on how to set up your fundraising page.

Ways to Collect Pledges

*Collect via your Fundraising Page

*Deposit cash or checks in an ENVELOPE in the PTA Drop Box

(Include your name and teacher name on the outside of the envelope in order to get credit for the pledge)

NOTE: All pledges must be received by 10/25 in order to be counted towards any rewards


The top class from each GRADE LEVEL will receive:

a catered pizza party sponsored by the SCES PTA!


The top 4 students with the highest PLEDGES will win a FITNESS TRACKER, Spirit Wear from our CROC SHOP & their name will be on Good Morning Sycamore!

Lets Reach our School Goal!


If we hit our school goal, we’ll FLIP* your teacher for a ½ day!


Stay tuned for a special reward reveal if we stretch our goal to $40,000!

*Flip the teacher is where your class will be taught by a different teacher decided by random draw.


Students will earn raffle tickets for their pledges and will be entered in a drawing for prizes.

Registration as Super Runner: 2 Raffle Tickets

$100 in pledges: 1 Raffle Ticket

$200 in pledges: 2 Raffle Tickets

$300 in pledges: 3 Raffle Tickets

$400 in pledges: 4 Raffle Tickets

$500 in pledges: 5 Raffle Tickets

*Prizes will be Fitness oriented, gift cards from local merchants.


Each class will have a Pledge Meter that will tally pledges for a chance to earn prizes and rewards as a class. Rewards will be set for dollar amounts and will include fun things such as a popsicle or donut parties as well as teacher incentives.

*Note incentive will vary by grade & teacher.

$200 Teacher Incentive

$400 Popsicle Party

$600 Teacher Incentive

$800 Pringles Party

$1000 Teacher Incentive

$1200 Donut Party

$1500 Homework Pass

*Pledge tally window is September 5th- October 25th


Tracks 3 & 4- September 23rd (Rain Makeup September 26th)

Tracks 1 & 2- October 14th (Rain Makeup October 17th)

Track 3 & 4- September 23rd

9:00-9:20: Liberti

9:20-9:40: Mallian

9:40-10:00: Yahn

10:00-10:20: Carlisi

10:20-10:40: El Hicheri, Mims

10:40-11:00: Butler, Marotta

11:00-11:20: Burgess, Seha

11:20-11:40: Arce, Mock, Moore

11:40-12:00: Atkins, Butker

12:00-12:20: Fox, Fugazot, Austin

12:20-12:40: Goyeneche, Gruenewald

12:40-1:00: Avram, Beck, Scott

1:00-1:20: Dragonette, Wendover

1:20-1:40: Edmister

1:40-2:00: Tomaszewski, Minnick

Track 1 & 2- October 14th

9:00-9:20: Butts

9:20-9:40: Roman

10:00-10:20: Lugo, Sayles

10:20-10:40: Jennette

10:40-11:00: Thomas, Wagner

11:00-11:20: Olsen, Rowe

11:20-11:40: Longley, Bailey

11:40-12:00: Boyer

12:00-12:20: Lawson

12:20- 12:40: Kodweis, LeGoullon

12:40-1:00: Morrison

NOTE: K-2 grades run for 10 minutes only during their 20-minute block.


Questions: Contact Kelli Knutsen at or Jasmine Lauer at